Saturday, June 13, 2009

Goals and Rules

Heyy everyone

yes im ana but if your here to tell me to get better then please dont come here at all, and if your here to get an eating disorder please dont do this to yourself!

 Be 86 pounds in 9 days. Exercising each day. Preferably 7x a week minimum of 5x. This means 651 calories a day to reach that goal. Plan meals ahead of time. Fast Monday. ( Think of fasting plan) Get the extra exercise in. ( stairs, walking ect) ALWAYS leave a few bites of food left. Morning and evening situps, jumping jack, leg lifts.  Running in the AM. Running in the PM. = 3 miles of running per day. 

Rules: Fasting only one time per week. Except when fasting you need to have at least 400 calories a day. 400 - 651 is good range. Getting more then 6 hours of sleep each day is important. 

Current Stats:

91.5 Pounds.

more tomorrow. good night =]

Thinspo Video:

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